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Current Prerequisites for this Course  
Description Requirement
Minimum Age 14
Rank C/SrA or above
Required before start of event General Emergency Services (GES)
Required before start of event IS-100
Required before start of event IS-700
Required before start of event Encampment Completed for cadets


The Basic Course is an intensive combination of classroom and field training that provides students with the opportunity to complete all requirements for a Basic Ground Team Member rating, including Basic Communications User Training. 


The first day training day will include an inspection of each student’s field gear. No student will be allowed to interrupt training to go shopping for new or replacement gear. Students must ensure they arrive with the gear, as specified in the LoneStar Emergency Services Academy Gear List. It is imperative that students use the task guide and LESA’s packing list to ensure they have all the required gear. 


This course will include overnights in the field, search operations, and cross-country travel.  Students will be required to construct and sleep in field-expedient shelters; no tents are allowed.


Graduation requires completion of 100% of the task requirements. This course will include some overnights in the field, wilderness search operations, cross-country travel, etc. Those completing the course successfully will be eligible for their CAPF 101 ground team qualification (GTM3) and ground team badge.



"If you're awake, you're training"


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