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LESA South Registration Documents

LESA South 2023 Cadre Application w/CAPF60-81 

LESA South 2023 Medical Forms (18+)

LESA South 2023 Medical Forms (MINOR Cadets)

LESA 2023 Senior Member Application w/CAPF60-81 



DEADLINES: •If you are selected for staff, you must attend a video conference staff training on
December 7, 2024, from 8 am- 5 pm.
*Application deadline for staff is September 1, 2024.
*Application deadline for students is September 10, 2024.

Deposits of $100.00 are due when applications are submitted.  You need to cancel before October 1, 2024 to receive refund of deposits. Cancelations after October 1, 2024 will not receive a refund of the deposit.  Remaining balance is due by November 1, 2024.  No refunds will be issued after October 1, 2024.   

Earlier registration and application deadlines allow you to be selected and confirm attendance in order for you to be able to get better airfare and secure your travel arraignments.  



LESA South Training Materials 

LESA South packing list

Ground & Urban Team Task Guide
GTL & GTM Reference Guide
Air to Ground Coordination
Intro to Canine SAR Teams
Continuing Education
Critical Incident Stress
Electronic Direction Finding
ES Legal Issues
Field Expedient Direction Finding
Field Hygiene & Sanitation
Ground Team Equipment
Heat & Cold Injuries or Emergencies
Helicopter Operations
Interviewing Techniques
Knots & Ropes
Land Survival
Line Search Techniques
Land Navigation for GTL
Land Navigation for GTM
Missing Person Characteristics
Natural Hazards
Night Navigation
Operational Risk Management
SAR is an Emergency
Site Security & Rescue Operations Theory
Introduction to Search Management
Starting a Search Team
SAR Responsibilities & Team Activation
Technology in Emergency Services
Topographic Maps
Introduction to Man Tracking
Vehicle Inspection & Clearance
Ground Vehicle Search Techniques
Prosecuting 406 Beacons



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